After discovering the severe lack of cute macropads in the mech keebs space, the Squircle was quickly ideated to help fill the niche! The GB was CONUS-only & limited to 50 units where spots were raffled off. This was exclusive to the CKC Discord in order to ensure the quality of the macropad without overwhelming ourselves.

Available in 3 pastel colors and priced at an amazing $35, the Squircle was a hit among CKC members. Rumor has it that R2 might run after this GB has been fulfilled, with a refreshing high-profile, options for engraving, & international inclusivity! Prototype shown here in white was made & photographed by Nicole to show-off the Squircle’s cute shape & size. Also featured here is a Green Frosted Squircle complete with GMK Taro R2 novelties and Banana Split linear switches from The.Key Company

This is a CKC-collaborative project between myself, MissEevee, Andromache, & Nicole Studios (sole designer of the Squircle), not an AstroBunny Studios brand project ~(=^‥^) Mission Control is handling the cute, careful packaging & shipping!

Got your hands on a kit? Find out how to build your Squircle!


  • 2x colored Acrilex Acriglas top and bottom layers, generously cut by Nicole Studios!
  • 2x 4.5mm clear acrylic middle layers cut by Ponoko
  • 1x Nein PCB (QMK and VIA supported; not hotswap)
  • 4x 8mm Brass Standoffs
  • 4x Bumpers
  • 8x M2 Screws
  • 1x Pro Micro
  • Fits 9 keys
  • No switches, keycaps, or soldering included


  • 20 Oct – IC opens
  • 21 Oct – IC closes
  • 26 Oct – GB opens
  • 29 Oct – GB closes, invoices sent with 72hrs deadline for winners to fulfill
  • Estimated to ship March 2021
  • Ended up shipping January 2021