Hey spacekeebers!

With all the big news I have on the event horizon, I wanted to split the updates into two categories: the brand & DSA Encore! This mission log will be about the brand. The DSA Encore update, which will include the Group Buy details, will be posted hopefully within the next few days! Let’s dive right in.

Checkout these new AstroBunny emotes! I worked closely with my awesome team at Visuals by Impulse to bring these to life. You’ll find this expressive space bunny hanging out exclusively over at my space base. This is AstroBunny Studios though, so these wouldn’t be complete without an Easter Egg! Hint: peep the keyset on astroClack.

Next up, vinyl decals! Head over to the new Space Depot and adopt your very own Baby Star. If you like shiny things, you’ll dig the holographic ABS souvenir. If you want to cruise through the mech keeb space in style, carbon copies of my famous AstroBunny Carrotship are ready for takeoff!

Last, but not least, washi tape! I’ve a few more designs in the pipeline, but I’m proud to unveil my first one. It matches the Baby Stars, but also shines on its own! Besides mech keebs, cute stationary is another passion of mine and it’s been a small dream to make some myself. I’ll use it as part of my artisan keycap(s) packaging, but I wanted to offer it to fellow spacekeebers who appreciate cute tape. This is in production and will be available at the Space Depot in early March!

I know most of you are here to follow my mech keeb projects and collaborations, and I’m humbled by your overwhelming support, but I hope to wow you all with my tangent endeavors too. Orbiting back to mech keebs, I’ll tease a bit about my next keyset design! It’ll be Cherry profile that’s much lighter than DSA Encore and is inspired by a special festival. Some of you might have seen early renders of it floating around the space already…

To commemorate the launch of Space Depot, 4 orders from this opening weekend will be randomly selected to have an artisan keycap included in their package! The flawless keycaps that might be in your order are a Teh Tarik Keypora by Alpha Keycaps, a Leaf Green Cartridge by Blue Bomber Fox, a Green Inauthentic by Hungry Hustlas, or a Strawberry Cream Chocolate Cake by Mynx.


I have no more space in my artisan boxes to display them, I don’t feel comfortable reselling them (even at retail prices), nor do I want to hold onto them as trade bait. Spacekeebers who know me know how much I especially adore green artisans, but sadly I don’t have keysets that match them either. I’m hoping these 4 find forever homes on new keyboards that allow them to shine.

That’s it for now! Thank you all for joining me this far. As we launch into the 2nd month of 2021, I hope my fellow spacekeebers are doing well. Happy Lunar New Year!