Hey spacekeebers!

I thought it’d be a good time to record my first mission log since it’s been a little over 2 months since liftoff. Let’s get right to it!

Nyap Time deskmat prototypes have been received, approved, and mass production has begun. I’m happy to report that they’re expected to ship next month in February! When I reviewed them, I noticed all white areas of my design were printed as very light gray. I brought up the concern, but was told a true white wasn’t possible with the manufacturer’s 2020 printing process. I believe the very light gray didn’t stray so far from my original design that it couldn’t be approved. Prototypes were also printed without colored edges, but I was told all prototypes are printed as such, regardless of design. I was assured the final deskmats would have the colored edges as shown in my renders. Overall, I’m very happy with the deskmats!

To celebrate a successful GB, along with my birthday today, and the recent finishing of my space base, I decided to giveaway 2 of the prototype in Lilac and Calico! This giveaway can be found in my Discord server.* I have 2 more giveaways planned as well for today just because! There’s tons of cool stuff in the mech keeb space and I want to share my findings with my fellow spacekeebers.

DSA Encore’s prototype keyset and deskmat are both in production! Group buy dates are to be announced soon and vendors have also been revealed. The rest is out of my hands and determined by my vendors, except for one thing: collabs! Some of you hawkeyed spacekeebers have noticed my creative collaborations list has grown. Continue to keep an eye on it, because even more are coming! Thank you for all your support on my 1st keyset design. There were over 400 entries in my IC form – wow! I’m just as excited for group buy to open as you guys, and have something special in mind planned for opening day, stay tuned! It may or may not be another prize Easter Egg hunt…

I’m always working towards improving the user experience of my site as well. That usually means more space-themed bits for fun or informational bits for, well, information! You’ll notice all declassified projects have a timeline feature now so spacekeebers can figure out where a project is at a glance. Users now navigate the site with the same Carrotship I travel through the mech keeb space in too! That’s all for now from this space bunny, thanks for reading. Feel free to checkout my space base (you can customize your spacesuit’s color)!

*Giveaway is open internationally, but international winners outside the US must pay their own shipping. US winners will have their shipping paid for by me via USPS First Class mail, tracking included.