Special Thanks

  • WYSIWYG Web Wizard Marcowo – sending me cat memes daily as a best friend should, the main reason why this site runs smoothly, the other half of Mission Control, my pull stack developer. Helped me brush up on my web designing skills too.
  • Pumpkin Launch – the 1 who gave me that 1st push into designing & has been a source of sarcastic jokes & valuable advice since. Did I mention a true friend too?
  • Magical Mintlodica – giving me my own space in your community to let me flourish & passing on your encouragement
  • CKC Discord – the support & feedback from this server has helped me tremendously as well as allowed me to learn so much about mech keebs in the cutest, most welcoming space


DSA Encore

  • Renderbender Lizcuits – if waterbenders are masters of water, then she’s a master of renders. Just look at those 4ks! Many laughs were had at the unpublished ridiculous renders done for the lulz. Helped me with the Hangul too!
  • Super Sentry – extremely chill, knowledgeable & down-to-Earth viking who doubled as my kitting adviser that never missed a beat nor a DM
  • Hero Hakata – vector vigilante that helped me slay my issues with SVGs
  • Creative Collaborators – thank you all for believing in my first venture into keebs & wanting to lend me your creativity & talents for the set.



  • Nicole Aptekar – graciously offered her acrylic-cutting talent & mech keebs wisdom allowing the project to evolve from a dream to a reality & the sole designer of the Squircle
  • MissEevee – number-crunching guru that led the team to the most accurate & wallet-friendly prices flexing her Excel excellence
  • Andromache – communications captain that ensured CKC members were never in the dark about the project & fearless wrangler of project materials to be sent to AstroBunny
  • AstroBunny – logistics lead in charge of packaging and shipping the macropad kits to their cute owners